The Internet

The chances are tremendous.

The results are shameful.

As a clumsy Internet-Maniac you are kicked off the system by a supervisor just for looking around in the chatroom "BiFforRape".

Well, the title is a little bit ambiguous.

And there was the naive HomePage Publisher. Put a link to a site of a friend of a friend. Nothing special. At first. Years later on that page appeared instructions to blow up a building completely. And the naive one went to jail for spreading terrorism.

I like these password-hunters. They send me e-mails in which they ask for my password and User-Name. Funny. Are there really people who give their secrtes away?

Appearance - and Truth

All human beings are equal

Some (with special motives, possibilities, and opportunities) are more equal.

All Information is uncensored

Don't mind! The still surprised governments will secure their control, more or less brutal.

Buy without trouble

Get the best offer fast! Pay first with your good name, than with your astonished face.

The Internet reaches 100 Billionen humans.

At the same time?

The Internet will replace radio, tv, and telephone

"Say nothing, hear nothing, see nothing" - not right in any case

The Internet is a data-highway

Now with the latest traffic-news:
"3s-jam at knode abc, 4 at xyz, 12s delay for oversea-connections. Knode 0815 is down, please use detour via..."