Abbreviations :

U.F.O. Unidentified Flying Object

S.H.A.D.O. Supreme Headquarter of Alien Defense Organization

S.I.D. Space Intruder Detector (see picture)

In outer space:

Administration: Moon Base (Woman-Commander)

Defense: SID scans the deep space

Offensive: 3 Fighter, mobile SAM, cannons at the base

On earth:

Administration: SHADO: Secret building within a movie studio

SKYDIVER: Submarine with a linked fighter to start out of an ocean

Mobiles: Armed Tanks driving out of big vans


Commander Edward Straker: Chief (divorced, 1 child).

General Henderson: Link to the government.

Dr. Jackson: Medical Doctor with special injection to forget things.

Lt. Foster: Pilot, right hand from Straker, does anything. (see picture)

Col. Lane: Deputy of Straker. One woman of many at SHADO.